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Mercury and Mercury Compounds

Ozone Depleting Substances

Domestic Manufacture

Shipping Tolerance

Single Lot

Counterfeit Parts Prevention

Conflict Minerals

Thread and Shank Protection

Foreign Object Debris. (Damage) FOD


'The parts contained in this shipment have been manufactured and i nspected in accordance with TSO - xxxx. The conditions and tests required for TSO approval of this article are minimum performance standards. Aircraft (eg: Fasteners I Bearings I Seals ) approved under this TSO are not necessarily interchangeable with other a ircraft (eg: Fasteners I Bearings I Seals) approved under this TSO. (eg: Fasteners I Bearings I Seals) of similar dimensional properties may have widely varying performance and metallurgical properties. Substitution of parts may only be done if acceptable to or approved by the administrator.”

Organizational Knowledge

Full Certifications

Directed Source

External Provider Rating

REACH Article 33 Substance Declarations

Appendix A

Approved Providers Criteria & Ratings: