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Dec 2015

Further ConsumableCare Expansion for GMF

PDQ Airspares have enjoyed a fruitful partnership with South Asia's largest MRO, GMF AeroAsia, and since joining the ConsumableCare family, GMF have progressively taken up additional add-ons to enhance the initial managed consignment support package.

Today, we are pleased to announce that a further two contracts have been awarded to us. GMF have not only extended & expanded their existing ConsumableCare package, but have additionally committed to a Surplus2Revenue program.

Surplus2Revenue programs provide our customers with a market-based financial return on their surplus stock. Revenue generated from sales can be used as credit to support existing Managed Consignment programs with the replenishment of 'live' stock from PDQ, or taken as a monthly payment.

For this latest deal, in order to optimise the availability of their wide range of (but not exclusively) CFM56 engine parts, GMF are taking full advantage of our optional Surplus Stock Relocation program. Although the consumable material will be relocated in the UK, GMF will continue to have full access to their stock with the ability to recall unsold parts as and when required.

Once again, we would like to thank GMF AeroAsia for their ongoing loyalty to using PDQ Airspares services and products.


PDQ welcomes JeJu Air as latest member of ConsumableCare Family.

PDQ Airspares are delighted to announce a new and exciting partnership with Jeju Air. The South Korean Airline have become the latest company to recognise the multi-faceted benefits of our Next Gen ConsumableCare programs, and as a result have signed up to a multi-year, multi-line fixed price JIT agreement.

Jeju operations personnel will deal directly with PDQ's central Asian office in Singapore, ensuring high levels of customer care, service and optimal response times are maintained throughout the duration of the contract.

PDQ's strategic location in Asia is key to providing greater understanding of the expectations and demands of our regional customers.  
Owned by the Aekyung Group, Jeju Air are a low cost Airline operating in South Korea, offering scheduled domestic and charted services between Jeju and the South Korean mainland, with an operational fleet of 20 Boeing 737-800 aircraft.
The JIT Supply program will enable PDQ to ease the logistical burden on Jeju's procurement department by providing a single guaranteed source for an agreed list of high consumption consumables, whilst also ensuring full availability of parts with minimal delivery times.  With the reassurance that the cost of each part is fixed, Jeju will be further equipped to budget and forecast more accurately on maintenance and operational costs.
Once again- we would like to take this opportunity to welcome Jeju Air to the ConsumableCare family and look forward to a long and prosperous partnership


Sept 2015

PDQ book last 'Package Deal' with Cyprus Airways

Further to the unfortunate demise and subsequent liquidation of Cyprus Airways assets, PDQ Airspares are happy to confirm that a full passport has now been granted by authorities, for the immediate transfer of some 27,000 lines of consumable & expendable spares to its warehouse facility back in the United Kingdom. This exciting news came last month following the successful bid and subsequent negotiations by PDQ Airspares to purchase the package.

The package transfer of predominantly Airbus A320 and A330 spares is already well underway, with first arrivals expected to be checked-in and market ready by early September. All items will be furnished with both Airline trace and OEM certification.

This increase in off-the-shelf consumables continues to strengthen PDQ's position as one of the industry's leading Boeing & Airbus aftermarket suppliers.


May 2015

Further global expansion for PDQ

Since our first introduction of ConsumableCare programs to the Airline industry in 2007, PDQ's global presence has gone from strength to strength.  Riding on the back of this success, PDQ are now reaching even further into the world marketplace with the creation of an additional sales office in the region of China.

This office has been strategically located in order to provide easier access and awareness of the service & products PDQ have on offer, as well as enabling more effective customer relations to Airlines and MROs in the greater region.

Our new China hub is based in Guangzhou, and is being managed by Rachel Rao.  Rachel will be responsible for daily sales and will be on hand to offer Customer assistance in whatever area required.  Equipped with full knowledge of all ourConsumableCare programs, Rachel will now be able to offer Airlines and MROs the same range of products and services being enjoyed by so many organisations in other parts of the world.

ConsumableCare programs offer a wide range of Boeing & Airbus consumable support solutions that not only guarantee time & cost savings, through services like 'Invoice on Consumption' - Fixed Price Consignments, but also offer customers the opportunity to make a return on surplus material through PDQ's 'Surplus2Revenue' - Stock Conversion & Marketing Programs. Each of these programs can be tailored and combined to encompass the scale and diversity of any maintenance operation.

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