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June 2013

PDQ sign double ConsumableCare deal with Air Maintenance Estonia

PDQ Airspares are excited to announce a new partnership with Air Maintenance Estonia, which last month became official at the MRO Regional Eastern Europe EXPO. A two part agreement was finalised and signed at the Lithuanian show, where representatives from the company met PDQ's CEO Chris Miller, and Sales Director Ian McCutcheon for the first time.

Risto Mäeots, Director of Planning & Support commented, "It was a logical decision for Air Maintenance Estonia to sign up to the PDQ ConsumableCare programme as it enables AME to focus on its core MRO activities, and with the specialist resources of PDQ it ensures we remain competitive in the marketplace, as well as providing us with the opportunity to manage surplus stock levels more effectively."

Owned wholly by BaltCap, Air Maintenance Estonia is an independent maintenance organisation located in Estonia's capital, Tallinn, where they employ a work force of around 185 highly skilled staff. AME provide both Ad-hoc and Base Maintenance services on the Boeing 737 CL/NG and A320 Family aircraft, as well as offering Line and General Component Maintenance for a wide range of other aircraft types in the region.

The JIT Supply program will enable PDQ to ease the logistical burden on AME's procurement departments, by providing a single guaranteed source for the agreed list of high use consumables, whilst ensuring availability at all times with minimal delivery times. Knowing that the cost of each component will remain the same year on year will also help AME to budget more accurately on future maintenance projects and customer quotes.

The Surplus2Revenue program will provide AME with a steady return on their surplus material as PDQ's sales team proactively market the stock to the greater aircraft community. Revenue generated from sales can be turned directly into a monthly cash payout, or used as credit against on-going purchases from PDQ. As with all ConsumableCare programs, the flexibility of the agreement allows AME to recall items of stock for their own use at any given time. PDQ also assist in the relocating of the material to the Fordingbridge warehousing facility.

PDQ welcomes Air Maintenance Estonia to the ConsumableCare Family.

May 2013

PDQ Welcomes another new member to the team.

PDQ are pleased to announce the arrival of Shaun Roddam, as another key member to the Procurement team.

Shaun has been in the MRO sector of the Aviation Industry since the early 80's, where he started his career working for British Air Ferries. He quickly progressed through multiple departments to become Materials Buyer to support the Airline and Base Maintenance checks.

Shaun later worked as Senior Buyer for Heavylift Cargo Air through to 2002, before being taken on by ATC Lasham as Purchasing Manager at their Southend Facility.

Since the end of 2011 Shaun has been a Consultant involved in the general aviation sector, but now joins PDQ as Purchasing Manager, with a key objective to help maintain PDQ's competitive edge in both stock availability and pricing.

To get in contact with Shaun please email


PDQ Welcomes Ian McCutcheon to the Family

PDQ Airspares are pleased to herald in the arrival of newly appointed Sales Director, Ian McCutcheon, who officially joined the team last month.

Starting his career as a Sales Engineer in the Automotive sector, Ian subsequently migrated to the Aviation Industry where he has spent almost a decade developing his skill set and driving the growth of STG Aerospace. Joining initially as Sales Manager, he had held the position of Sales Director at STG since 2009.

To complement the existing brains and expertise built into developing PDQ's flagship product, ConsumableCare, Ian brings to PDQ a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of providing similar cost cutting solutions to Airlines & MRO's around the World.

ConsumableCare programs offer a wide range of Boeing & Airbus consumable support solutions that not only guarantee time & cost savings, through services like 'Invoice on Consumption' - Fixed Price Consignments, but also offer customers the opportunity to make a return on surplus material through PDQ's 'Surplus2Revenue' - Stock Conversion & Marketing Programs. Each of these programs can be tailored and combined to encompass the scale and diversity of any maintenance operation.

Due to the increasing popularity of these ConsumableCare programs, PDQ has seen unprecedented growth over the last 5 years, so as Sales Director, Ian will be primarily focussing his attention on maintaining and improving that growth, by showcasing the many benefits of ConsumableCare to the as yet, unreached Airlines & MRO's around the Globe.


GMF Enlist PDQs Total Consumable Support for A330 C Check

PDQ are thrilled to announce that GMF AeroAsia have chosen to expand their existing ConsumableCare support program, to include cover for their forthcoming Heavy C Check overhauls of 4 Airbus A330s at their Jakarta based facility. GMF AeroAsia is one of Indonesia's largest MROs so it is a great privilege to be partnering with them on this extensive project.

Commissioning PDQ Airspares as preferred consumable supplier for the checks gives GMF the advantage of maintaining only a single consolidated purchase route, accelerating the procurement process as well as reducing shipping related charges and durations. With each aircraft being out of service during its 51 day C Check, efficient procurement and supply logistics are key!

In response to this development, PDQ will be expanding the existing consignment stock pool currently held at the facility, to support the checks. This will once again demonstrate PDQ's commitment to providing readily available consumables to the Indonesian region.

Furthermore, to enhance the ConsumableCare program and help maintain a smooth and efficient supply line for all maintenance operations, PDQ will be providing valuable hands-on support by way of implanting an experienced member of staff to help coordinate procurement and logistics requirements. This will provide rock solid channels of communication between GMF and PDQ, enabling proactive, real-time monitoring & notifications of replenishment requests, which will ensure supplies are dispatched in the quickest and most economical way possible.

This Personnel Implant is just one aspect of the ever expanding services and tools available through ConsumableCare programs, and further demonstrates the flexibility of solutions provided by PDQ Airspares.

March 2013

PDQ Airspares extend global reach with 2 new recruits

Formerly employed by AmSafe UK, Regional Sales Manager Jo Burkby comes to us with 23 years of industry experience in both Commercial & VIP Corporate Sales. Jo will be helping to promote PDQs range of consignment service programs and products primarily to the Middle East markets.

Also from AmSafe, comes industry expert Chris Crees. Chris has been involved in aviation since leaving school in 1971, working for Airlines, MROs and parts distributors throughout his career. Chris's position as Sales Manager will further enhance the extensive scope of consumable products on offer through the PDQ global sales and distribution network.

January 2013

PDQ Airspares takes a big step to reduce its Carbon Footprint

Aviation is often portrayed as the 'black sheep' of world industry when it comes to air pollution, so to help promote a greener image and do our bit in following EU objectives to reduce carbon emissions by 2020, PDQ Airspares are pleased to announce that we have just issued a contract to Exeter, UK based Fair Energy Ltd, for the supply and installation of a cutting edge biomass wood-chip burning heating system.

The Renewable Energy Solution provider will be installing the carbon neutral boiler this month, to generate & distribute both water and air based heating throughout the 45,000ft2 of PDQ's newly expanded Warehousing facilities.

One of the primary environmental advantages to installing a wood burning central heating system, is that it utilizes by-products from local sources, such as sawmills and furniture making plants. As wood combusts it produces only carbon dioxide and water vapour, which in addition to solar energy provides the essential elements that help to support the growth of new trees in nearby forests and plantations. This means that the natural carbon cycle is not put out of balance through the releasing of extra carbon dioxide and dangerous pollutants from underground deposits, in the form of fossil fuels used to generate energy in most heating systems today. So the bottom line is that energy from wood does not contribute to climate change.

The installation commences this week and we are expected to be producing 100% green energy by the end of January.

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