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December 2012

PDQ Airspares assist British Airways with ex BMI Stock disposal

Following the recent takeover of British Midland International and subsequent closure of the former Airline's East Midlands warehousing facility, new owner British Airways have taken the decision to relocate the consignment of around 10,000 jet spares to PDQ's Hampshire based distribution hub.

BMI was purchased from Lufthansa by International Airlines Group (AIG) back in April of this year, and later merged into the group owned British Airways late October.

This consignment consisting of BMI's live B737 & A330 consumable material will be shipped to PDQ over the next few weeks, joining an existing package of spares already being marketed by PDQ Airspares on behalf of British Airways under the same on-going agreement.

November 2012

PDQ Airspares award new freight contract to worldwide logistics leader, B&H Worldwide.

PDQ Airspares are pleased to announce the new appointment of freight agent B&H Worldwide, following a string of satisfactory negotiations with the company earlier this month. B&H Worldwide were established during the late 1980's with the opening of their first office at London's Heathrow Airport, and have steadily progressed to a multi-national network of dedicated teams operating from 12 offices across four continents.

The company were selected on several grounds including their:

  • Specialist expertise and long term relationship with the Aviation Industry.
  • Ability to target PDQ's shipping needs with an individual approach.
  • 24-7 dedicated AOG service.
  • Personalised collection & delivery service at PDQ's main facility.
  • Real-time Logistics Implant Technology Software.

With the successful implementation of B&H's warehouse implant system earlier this month, communicating real-time logistical shipping information, not only are we able to cut down processing time by automatically issuing our agent with full package details at the point of being entered into the system, but we are furthermore provided with the tools to track progress for each of our packages in transit, helping us to forecast delivery-times more accurately whilst continuing to offer our customers critical information on the status of their orders.

The rapid increase in PDQs stock movements over the last 5 years, for both exports and imports through our Hampshire based distribution hub, has made it necessary to constantly review shipping procedures and service providers to ensure we are getting the best value, reliability and turn-around times for our customers.
We are confident that B&H will be able to meet the high demands of our shipping requirements, and look forward to enjoying the many benefits of services they offer!


PDQ Airspares wraps-up deal with Thomas Cook for new Aircraft Adhesive Tape product range

PDQ Airspares have secured yet another supply contract with founder ConsumableCare family member, Thomas Cook Engineering Services. Established in 2007 and based at Manchester airport, TCAE are the maintenance subsidiary of Thomas Cook Airlines, with operations covering an array of commercial aircraft ranging from the Boeing B757 & B767 to the Airbus A330 and A320 family.

PDQ have been supplying consumables under contract to the MRO facility since 2008, and are delighted to have been commissioned to expand their consignment holdings to include this extensive range of Aircraft Adhesive Tapes.

This is an exciting new product expansion within PDQ! Broadening the scope of material beyond the range of aircraft consumables currently on offer, this move will instantly open the way for increased availability & distribution of aviation grade tapes from leading manufacturers such as 3M, POLYKEN, ORCON and PERMACELL.

October 2012

PDQ Airspares partner with British Airways to market Surplus Tooling

PDQ Airspares are delighted to have been commissioned by British Airways to manage the disposal of their surplus Aircraft & Ground Tooling.

The ConsumableCare Asset Disposal program will not only generate a much higher return on the sale of individual components, as opposed to a single package sell-off, but also frees up warehouse space whilst still allowing British Airways to retain 24/7 access to the material, for occasions when parts need to be recalled for their own operations.

The package of some 500 Boeing and Airbus applicable tools, ranging from Lock Pins to Wheel Wrenches moves to PDQ's Hampshire based facility this month and will be available for purchase as early as November. All items will be supplied with full OEM certification and Traceability back to British Airways.


PDQ Airspares extend Next Generation ConsumableCare to GMF AeroAsia

One of South East Asia's largest Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul facilities has just joined forces with one of Europe's leading Total Consumable Support providers.

PDQ Airspares are pleased to announce this month, that Indonesia's PT Garuda Maintenance Facility Aero Asia has signed up to a multi-year ConsumableCare agreement tailored from the PDQ range of support packages, in support of both their A320 line and heavy maintenance programs.

The Jakarta based MRO enjoys an impressive 1,150,000 sqm site and is currently the largest in South-East Asia, boasting several fully equipped hangars and other facilities. Formally the technical arm of Garuda Indonesia Airlines, since 1949 the organisation has evolved through several landmark developments and now offers its support to the whole Southeast Asia Airline Industry, providing progressive maintenance services up to full 'A' checks on B737, B737NG, B747, A300, A320, A330, DC10 and MD80s.

The focus of the ConsumableCare program will be to further enhance GMF's line and heavy maintenance procedures, by ensuring stock levels are optimised for constant availability of both routine and critical components. Substantial financial and logistical gains will also be quickly realised as PDQ's 'Single Source Supply' pipe eliminates dependency on the cumbersome supply chain, reducing related hidden costs and providing a much lighter and efficient procurement process.

Furthermore, due to the flexibility of Next Generation ConsumableCare packages, the consignment material will also be made available to the entire region, providing great opportunities for Airlines & MRO's to purchase material locally, with the added bonus of eliminating international import shipping time, logistics and paperwork.

PDQ Airspares welcomes Garuda Maintenance Facility to the Next Generation ConsumableCare Family.

June 2012

Olympic Air Go for Gold with ConsumableCare Asset Disposal

PDQ Airspares are pleased to announce an enhancement to their partnership with Greece's Olympic Air. Despite being just 3 years in the making, the airline boasts an impressive fleet of aircraft operating 250 flights daily from bases in Athens, Thessaloniki and Rhodes. In addition, the company also supports its narrow & wide body MRO facility in Athens, maintaining the world's fleet.

The new agreement manages their surplus of Q400 & A320 material which will be strategically disposed of using PDQ's proven after-market expertise. With an ever increasing squeeze on corporate cash flow, this program will help to provide Olympic Air with a steady stream of recouped income to either offset against future supplies from PDQ's expanding range of consumable products, or to inject back into the company for other related costs.

Olympic Air has also taken advantage of PDQ's ConsumableCare Stock Relocation program, enabling transfer of the surplus material to PDQ's warehouses in the UK. The geographical shift not only frees up space in Olympic's warehouses, but also minimizes market turnaround times for the fastest possible despatch upon the sale of goods.

May 2012

PDQ Warehouse Expansion

Following unprecedented growth throughout 2011 & the beginning of 2012, PDQ have completed the purchase of additional warehouse capacity to accommodate a growing need for space. We are adding 20,000 sqft to our existing space to create a 45,000 sqft facility. The new space will serve the expanding Goods In department enabling them to handle the flow of more incoming stock quickly and efficiently as well as freeing up space for the Despatch department to improve efficiency and an increase in despatch capability.

The warehouse will be custom fitted with the latest storage solutions enabling quick access and shipping of parts from PDQs rapidly expanding ConsumableCare TurnKey solutions.

March 2012

LHT Philippines expand ConsumableCare support.

Lufthansa Technik Philippines have increased their 'Just in Time' ConsumableCare supply program by up to 75%. Servicing Airlines from around the world, the maintenance organisation came into existence at the turn of the millennium from a joint venture between Lufthansa Technik AG and MacroAsia Corporation. Primarily the company focuses on base maintenance checks for the A330/A340 & A319/A320 aircraft, but also undertakes major modifications, cabin reconfigurations, engine maintenance and painting from their 7 hanger bays & workshops.

Having already experienced first-hand, the financial & logistical benefits of the program, just a few months into their 3 year ConsumableCare contract, the company took the decision to further cement relations with PDQ by broadening the range of supported parts. This increase will further ensure the immediate availability of vital components, eliminating reduced-productivity times due to stock shortages, whilst also allowing for more accurate forecasting of aircraft check turnaround times.

Czech in, Cheque Out - PDQ and CSA Sign Asset Disposal Deal

PDQ Airspares are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Czech Airlines Technics. Established in 1923, as a Technical division of the award winning international Airline, it became a subsidiary and sole maintenance provider of Czech Airlines in 2010. CSAT signed a deal commissioning PDQ to market in excess of 18,000 stock-lines from their surplus material. With the proliferating squeeze on corporate cash flow, the program will provide Czech Airline Technics with a steady stream of income that can be effectively used by the company itself or offset against future supplies of consumables from PDQ's exploding range of consumable products.

CSAT has also taken advantage of PDQ's ConsumableCare Stock Relocation Program, transferring their surplus stock to PDQ's own facility. The geographical shift from Prague to the UK, will be orchestrated by PDQ and will free up significant space in the CSAT warehouse, as well as enabling PDQ to minimize turnaround times upon sale of goods.

February 2012

PDQ, Raising the standard...

This month sees PDQ Airspares sailing through the next level of AS9120 quality standard, passing the enhanced AS9120A with flying colours. Incorporating all aspects of ISO9001-2008, this approval retains its status as the ultimate level of certification to be achieved within this sector of the Aerospace Industry.

PDQ always strive for excellence, especially in the area of quality. Having achieved a Level 4 placement with the 'Statement of Effectiveness', surpassing the Level 3 national average, the AS9120A accolade reaffirms PDQ's position as a High Standards - Quality Assured Company.

January 2012

Thomson Airways checks in to Next Generation ConsumableCare

PDQ Airspares has signed a 5 year exclusive consumable supply deal with Thomson Airways, one of the world's largest charter airlines. Thomson Airways is taking advantage of the Next Generation ConsumableCare product which now includes an easy to use interface, with features that promote best practice and improved business processes.

The Next Generation ConsumableCare contract has been tailored to ensure a seamless integration with Thomson Airways' existing maintenance programs. PDQ and Thomson share the same ambitions, exploring and pushing boundaries in their respective fields to deliver the most modern, cost effective and improved customer experience.

The implementation of a managed stocking program has been geared to generate significant time and cost savings through reduced administration and stocked inventory, the benefits of which will be shared across the whole of the fleet.

PDQ Airspares is delighted to welcome Thomson Airways on board, joining our ever increasing family of ConsumableCare Partners.

PDQ Launch Next Generation ConsumableCare

Following a highly successful season of customer expansion and consumable supply demand, PDQ Airspares are excited to herald the launch of its Next Generation ConsumableCare programs.

Since its inception during 2007, ConsumableCare has been enthusiastically embraced by many of Europe's most demanding Airline and Maintenance Organisations. The success of the programs are now clearly evident with new Airlines and MRO's coming aboard and existing ones renewing contracts for a further 3-5 years.
ConsumableCare was initially created to offer Airlines and MRO's a means to significantly reduce time and operational costs through a core range of scalable and tailored programs:

  • Invoice On Consumption - Fixed Price Consignments
  • JIT - Guaranteed Supply
  • Kitting Programs
  • Consignment & Asset Disposal

Since these have been implemented, our customers have been able to measure enviable savings across multiple departments.
... and now, building on the success of its predecessor, Next Generation ConsumableCare is even more streamlined and efficient.

IT Systems - With success comes susceptibility, so to maximise efficiency and ensure smooth supply operation, PDQ have recently completed a major IT systems overhaul program. The benefits of this have already been realised, with improved communication & information availability providing our support teams with 24/7 monitoring, through anytime-anywhere, MS Cloud based Technology. With the rapid increase in data flow, the new systems have also enabled us to effortlessly boost productivity without compromising stability.

More Manpower - Adding to our existing team of Front-line Support Operators, PDQ have enlisted the skill and services of several new ground personnel. Each one bringing their own experience and expertise gained in the field of aviation maintenance supply. Warehouse staffing levels have also been increased to manage the surging flow of parts.

Increased Reporting Capability - With self-imposed performance sanctions in place, PDQ are constantly monitoring internal & external processes to ensure delivery deadlines are achieved and supporting warehouse levels maintained. NGC's enhanced Efficiency & Performance Reporting System (EPRS) enables us to effectively forecast stock availability turbulence, whilst targeting weak links in the supply-chain, triggering evasive steps to further safeguard critical stock levels.

To discuss your future Consumable Solutions email or call +44 1425 652200 and find out what PDQ's Next Generation ConsumableCare can do for you!

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